MARGO PRICE – ” Stray’s “

Posted: January 16, 2023 in MUSIC

Margo Price earned the blanket title “Americana singer” some time ago, but she’s always been pure rock ‘n’ roll. On Price’s new LP “Strays”, the Nashville-based troublemaker leans fully into whatever rock ‘n’ roll dream she might have been chasing. The follow-up to 2020’s electric “That’s How Rumors Get Started”, “Strays” honours Price’s beginnings in American roots music while painting a psych-rock backdrop to her stories of redemption, survival and rebirth. Price collaborated with her husband Jeremy Ivey, who joined her at a South Carolina Airbnb to take mushrooms, listen to a stack of classic rock albums and work through what would eventually become “Strays“, and then recorded the album at Jonathan Wilson’s (Angel Olsen, Father John Misty) California studio.

The result is familiar—it’s undeniably a Margo Price record—but a little extra fiery. Of course, “Strays” never veers too far from country music, which is intrinsically wrapped up in rock ’n’ roll anyways, but Price also specializes in psychedelia. It doesn’t matter what you call it—she’s just singing her truth.

Just after releasing her memoir, “Maybe We’ll Make It”, Margo Price continues to dig into herself with her fourth LP, “Strays”. A mind-opening experience with psilocybin mushrooms brought on new revelations about personal growth, love, and purpose for the singer-songwriter. She leverages the psychedelic influence in songs like “Been to the Mountain” and “Change of Heart,” while “Lydia” is a harrowing reflection on reproductive freedom.

Margo’s upcoming album ‘Strays’

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