WHY BONNIE – ” Apple Tree “

Posted: January 15, 2023 in MUSIC

Less than six months after the release of their debut record “90 In November”, Texas quintet Why Bonnie has returned with the single “Apple Tree.” Though “Apple Tree” coincides with the announcement of an upcoming North American tour, it’s hard to not get excited at what Why Bonnie might have on deck for us in 2023. Last year, the band employed sun-stained folk tunes with shoegaze and bedroom pop undertones that linger and dazzle. “Apple Tree” is a long drawl of a tune, as quiet pianos blend lushly with guitars whispering hints of blues.

“Apple Tree” cements Why Bonnie’s knack for pastoral sonics grounded by Howerton’s sharp poeticism. “Streetlights like angels smoking cigarettes on a winter’s night,” she waxes atop wistful guitar and percussion. “Apple Tree,” like much of “90 in November“, sees Howerton parsing out the complicated, mixed emotions associated with building a new home while attempting to make sense of the one she had left behind.

The song tells a story about the complicated emotions that come after moving to a new home. A place has been left behind, and vocalist Blair Howerton finds herself reckoning with how to make space for it in her ever-changing heart. “It’s a song about the parables we tell ourselves to make sense of things,” she noted in a statement. Howerton, much like on “90 In November” finds herself waxing poetic on “Apple Tree,” further solidifying her as one of indie rock’s most enigmatic, on-the-rise songwriters.

Song and Lyrics: Blair Howerton
Piano: Kendall Powell
Lead guitar: Sam Houdek
Bass: Chance Williams
Drums: Josh Mallett

Released January 10th, 2023

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