TEMPLES – ” Gamma Rays “

Posted: January 15, 2023 in MUSIC

Nearly four years since their last release, Temples is set to release their fourth studio album, Exotico, on April 14th with ATO Records. The 16-track LP is produced by Sean Ono Lennon and mixed by Dave Fridmann. The British psychedelic rock band’s first single, “Gamma Rays,” is riddled with sun-drenched synths and stratospheric guitar riffs. James Bagshaw explains the dichotomy of beauty and danger in the song. “It sounds like a rejoiceful summer tune about soaking up the rays, but the truth is that soaking up the gamma rays will kill you.

“Gamma Rays” is the first single off Temples’ upcoming album “Exotico”, produced by Sean Ono Lennon.

Temples fourth full-length album takes place in an impossibly utopic island dreamed up by the four band members. With its resplendent collage of psychedelia, krautrock and time-bending dream-pop, “Exotico” brings that world to life in crystalline detail, all while exploring an entire spectrum of existential themes: impermanence, mortality, our connection with nature and the wild immensity of the mind.

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