INHALER –  ” Cuts & Bruises “

Posted: January 10, 2023 in MUSIC

Dublin four-piece Inhaler look to have 2023 in the palm of their hands, and it could be the year they sky-rocket to superstardom. Their debut album, “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, went to number one in the United Kingdom and their native Ireland. For their second album, “Cuts & Bruises”, could be the one for them to break big time.

Inhaler haven’t reinvented themselves, but they’ve found an extra gear on the singles, ‘Love Will Get You There’ and ‘These Are The Days’, which gives fans reason to be optimistic about the release.

For the new record, Inhaler reconvened with producer Antony Genn, and drummer Ryan McMahon previously said they were intent on making “very much a band album”. Detailing further, singer Eli Hewson added: “Get Back (The Beatles documentary) was hugely influential, just being in the room and writing. It sounds so obvious, but when you’re on tour, you actually don’t get a chance to do that, so we tried to do that as much as possible.”

Inhaler’s new album ‘Cuts And Bruises’:

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