ANDY SHAUF –  ” Norm “

Posted: January 10, 2023 in MUSIC

Canadian singer-songwriter Andy Shauf has confirmed that his latest LP, “Norm”, will be coming out this February. It will be Shauf’s eighth LP overall and first since 2021’s “Wilds”According to Shauf, the album is centred around the titular character of Norm, who was inspired by a David Lynch’s film.

“The character of Norm is introduced in a really nice way,” Shauf says of the first round of preview singles. “But the closer you pay attention to the record, the more you’re going to realize that it’s sinister.” 
Shauf’s status as one of indie’s greatest songwriters was solidified with the excellent “The Neon Skyline”. Strangely enough, “Wilds” kind of came and went without much fanfare.

“Catch Your Eye” is out now, the second song from ‘Norm’ on Anti Records / Arts & Crafts. Animated by Mary Vertulfo.

Here’s hoping that a little more attention is paid to “Norm” when it comes out on February 10th.

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