GREEN/BLUE – ” Paper Thin “

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

The dark and dreamy halftoned realism of Green/Blue comes into near-perfect focus across ‘Paper Thin’. Ever the prolific recording duo, Jim Blaha and Annie Sparrows are back with their third album in as many years, following previous releases on HoZac and Slovenly. Their Minneapolis basement studio has yet again translated to tape what many in the post-punk realm often fail to realize – a certain icy-cool confidence. Chilling vocal harmonies resonate atop melodic guitar leads and a razor-sharp rhythm section as the album stretches to just under twenty-five minutes. Green/Blue evoke a certain somber and honest set of sonics, distilling the now and pondering the future as these ten tracks spin vibrantly at 45 RPM.

Minneapolis’ Green/Blue released two great records this year as “Paper Thin” was fantastically dark and pulsing. “Paper Thin” was the second of those releases, as it followed “Offering”, which was released on HoZac Records in January. You might think with a short release time between the two that “Paper Thin” was a sequel to “Offering”, but it turned out this record is a cooler and even more precise piece of angular lo-fi post punk.

Green/Blue sound so focused on “Paper Thin” that its 25 minutes flies by quickly. Melodic grooving guitars around every corner and a never faulting vocal takes the band to a new level. “Offering” already was a solid record but “Paper Thin” showcases that Green/Blue have an even richer palette of sounds and style that will keep TFN excited for what comes next!

released June 10th, 2022

Songs written and recorded by Jim Blaha.
Played, sung, and produced by Jim Blaha and Annie Sparrows.

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