DUMB – ” Pray 4 Tomorrow “

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

Vancouver band Dumb shows progression here on their third full length “Pray 4 Tomorrow”, but the overall group sound did not drastically change. The band already has produced two solid indie post-punk albums and “Pray 4 Tomorrow” carried everything that was great about their previous efforts forward. Dumb’s frenzied yet focused slacker rock is in full effect with fast-paced songs and plenty of quick rhythm shifts. This band has been among my favourites for the past few years. If you wish Parquet Courts still played music that sounds like what they did on Light Up Gold, you should probably check out Dumb. I am under selling them quite a bit with that statement, as they beat PC at their own game and have a remarkably consistent discography. 

“Pray 4 Tomorrow” has even tighter song structures with laser focus and a maturity in both songwriting and musicianship. There are 18 tracks which gives the band plenty of creative room as you will find several ska Specials like vibes, a couple of folk tunes with vocals from bassist Shelby Vredik, and a series of stylistic rants that sounds like the band has been playing some classic DC hardcore. “Pray 4 Tomorrow” can be both noisy and melodic and both at the same time.

It is an album that is smart and engaging as its content almost mocks the band’s name. Dumb is anything but!

released November 11th, 2022

All songs written and produced by Dumb

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