CLAMM – ” Care “

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

Melbourne punk power trio Clamm return with their second album “Care” in August . Clamm explore the confusion of what it is to be a young person trying to live an honourable life in this fucked up world. Their songs are about trying to navigate systems of power and oppression while retaining a healthy sense of self and mental health. Community, creativity, and catharsis are what they hope to achieve through their music.
“Care” is bigger, louder and darker than previous album “Beseech Me” (2020). Clamm dodged lockdowns to record at Rolling Stock and Sound Park Studios with Nao Anzai (NO ZU, Cash Savage, Rolling Blackouts). Nao also plays fearsome synth on the album and has joined the band on-stage at recent shows. Saxophonist Anna Gordon (Mangelwurzel) contributes wild free jazz skronk to a number of tracks.
“Care” is the first Clamm recording to feature the bass and backing vocals of newest member Maisie Everett (also in Belair Lip Bombs), who joined the band shortly after “Beseech Me” was released. Jack and drummer Miles Harding have been best friends since primary school, but with Maisie the Clamm trio finds its ultimate form.

Melbourne punk power trio Clamm returned with a sophomore release in “Care” that was their most fierce and confident effort to date. Their songs rail against systematic power while funneling all that visceral raw emotion into a positive perspective. Basically, Clamm keep their shit together and nail everything to the wall track after track!

What makes “Care” such a step forward for Clamm was the addition of Maisie Everett on bass and backing vocals, producer Nao Anzai joining the band on synth and saxophonist Anna Gordon lending some fantastic and very timely angular post-jazz on several tracks. Clamm not only released one of the better records in 2022 but “Care” is the example of what modern punk sounds like today!

“Care” is released on 19th August 2022

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