POSTER PAINTS – ” Falling Hard “

Posted: December 31, 2022 in MUSIC

Scottish duo Poster Paints includes Frightened Rabbit guitarist Simon Liddell and singer-songwriter (and current Vaselines keyboardist) Carla J Easton they have just announced their debut album and this is the shimmering first single.

This year Poster Paints released a string of wonderful singles including gorgeous lead single ‘Falling Hard’. Marrying spiralling guitars of Simon Liddell with the husky, swooning vocal melodies of Carla J Easton, relentless and irresistible ‘Falling Hard’ chased dreams all summer, in a soaring, lovelorn pop song.

It also contained the slowly unfolding majesty of ‘Never Saw It Coming‘ and the wistfully enveloping ‘Circus Moving On’ , each song taking us on a journey through bittersweet sorrow of parting and loss, juxtaposed with the joy of love. Culminating in the release of their wonderful self- debut album, wrapped with these themes and burnished by the sound of collaboration and Liddel’s distinctive guitars, it reflects a kind of sadness and darkness tinged with a hopeful flickering light that things will work out.

Poster Paints are Simon Liddell and Carla J Easton who have changed their way of working and embraced the “new normal” to make art. Their debut single ‘Number 1’ is an instant anthem. Teenage love, feeling invincible and long hot summers.

It’s the sound of two people exploring. Glasgow indie pop, dream pop and shoegaze – the bands they grew up listening to, and are passionate about.

Written by Simon Liddell / Carla J Easton, Released by Ernest Jenning Records / Olive Grove Records. Published by Domino Publishing Co.

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