Band Spectra & The Anchoress – Human Reciprocator

Posted: December 31, 2022 in MUSIC

‘Human Reciprocator’ is a politically-charged collaboration between Band Spectra (aka disabled musician Robert Manning) and critically-acclaimed Welsh multi-instrumentalist and producer The Anchoress.

Visceral, vicious and sardonic ‘Human Reciprocator’ is a new collaboration between Band Spectra (aka disabled musician Robert Manning) and The Anchoress (aka Catherine Anne Davies). Davies’s voice reflecting the overwhelming tumult of the “toxic news cycle” with a government who sickeningly lie and party while inequality yawns and the use of food banks grow. Skittering into life on a bed of filthy mechanical beats and scurrying analogue synths, it’s inspired by David Bowie‘s Low album and is possessed of the urgency of Cabaret Voltaire. Fantastic stuff !

Catherine says: “Human Reciprocator” was heavily inspired by an overdose on the toxic news cycle, ruminating on privilege and abuse of power in politics, deception, hypocrisy and the slow slide into a Britain steeped in poverty and a cost of living crisis while a political elite bluster and lie their way through a decade in power. Growing up with periods of my childhood relying on free school meals I am increasingly horrified at the proliferation of reliance on food banks while those in power become ever more detached from the realities of the working classes. “Human Reciprocator” is a reflection on the current state of affairs.“

Written by Robert Manning // Catherine Anne Davies
Performed by:
Robert Manning// Synethesizers, drum machine
Catherine Anne Davies// Vocals
Leo Abrahams// Guitar
Gary Alesbrook// Trumpet

released June 30, 2022

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