The LINDA LINDAS – ” Growing Up “

Posted: December 29, 2022 in MUSIC
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In May 2021, a concert event held by the Los Angeles Public Library went viral. A performance of an original punk song called “Racist, Sexist Boy,” written in response to an anti-Asian comment made to the band’s young drummer, caused quite a stir. The young band’s debut album proves that they are every bit worth the hype that clip earned them. Two key influences (and champions of the band) come to mind when describing their sound. At times they have the righteous bile-spitting energy of Bikini Kill on tracks like the before-mentioned “Racist, Sexist Boy,” “Fine,” “Oh!” and “Why.” Then they have a more pop-driven, more Best Coast-influenced side on cuts like “Remember,” “Talking to Myself” and the transcendently anthemic title track. This album is only 25 1/2 minutes and it covers a lot of ground. There’s even a song in Spanish, “Cuántas Veces,” that begins as a bossa nova. This band should make us feel optimistic for the future.

The Linda Lindas are about to explode worldwide, no doubt about it. Hailing from Los Angeles, these four teenage girls already have a solid run of singles under their belt and they’ve been gigging hard, pushing an ear-catching blend of power pop and pop punk which for once is coming from the very people who the music is aimed at. There’s an authenticity in that, and it comes through strong on their debut album “Growing Up“, which is coming out on Epitaph no less.

Just check lead single ‘Talking To Myself’, an honest expression from the midst of teenage trials and tribulations which should resonate with millions going through it, and those who remember all too well what it was like.

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