FRESH – ” Raise Hell “

Posted: December 29, 2022 in MUSIC

Right from the beginning of “Our Love,” the opening track to the third full-length album from London rock outfit Fresh there is something different. Synths! Leader Kathryn Woods is still able to go from a conversational tone to a snarl in an instant, but the new element adds something to the mix. While the album has tracks like “Morgan & Joanne” that work with the band’s signature sound, elsewhere it seems like this is a collection about further sonic expansion.

Third album from London DIY punks; they have been an unwavering fixture within the UK punk scene since their first record in 2017. A joy to behold live, Woods honed her craft not only fronting “Fresh” but as a member of several heralded indie and punk bands, including cheerbleederz and ME REX alongside Fresh bandmate Myles McCabe. Their new album radiates with their signature mischievous British charm and flourishes of brilliant pop punk flair – though underestimate Fresh at your peril. “Raise Hell” dares to dive deeper than most, delivering Woods’ darker moments and contemplative thought processes through the sharply focussed lens of upbeat indie punk. Since their inception the band have been working tirelessly recording and touring.

Listen to the horns that burst in on “Going to Bed” and the gentle, quiet passages of “Sleepover.” This is the sound of a band seemingly effortlessly expanding beyond their punk-pop roots and heading into more nuanced territory without selling out their original vision. “Fresh” have really honed their sound without losing the joy of the early stuff. The album runs to about half an hour, which I also like. 

‘Raise Hell’ is out via Get Better & Specialist Subject Records

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