MARTHA – ” Hope Gets Harder “

Posted: December 22, 2022 in MUSIC

With its buzzing live-performance energy, Martha’s fourth full-length “Please Don’t Take Me Back” finds the band at their grittiest and rawest, but also their most refined and tightest, spitting out clever anti-capitalist screeds over infectiously bouncy power pop. Always a band with a chip on their shoulder lyrically, Martha deliver some killer lines here, from the joyfully bleak “optimism faded / dreams annihilated / fuck this place, I hate it,” to the unnervingly surreal “I was in a daydream while upstream a toxic river rose / I was staring right through a poison sky / nothing I was seeing was feeling like it was real at all / I’ll be in a daydream the day I die” to the meditative, rejuvenating mantra of “I smoked a cigarette / and burned the flag / and lit the candle.” Musically, the group has never captured their spark as much as on this record, sounding like it was recorded live, particularly at moments like the riff-and-drums opening of “Hope Gets Harder” or the emphatic bass hit going into the second verse of “Please Don’t Take Me Back.” Diehard fans of the group may not be ready to place anything above “Blisters in the Pit of My Heart“, but “Please Don’t Take Me Back” certainly makes a case for being Martha’s strongest album yet—a snapshot of a band flawlessly executing their formula while still sounding as fresh and urgent as a group recording an upstart debut record.

“Hope Gets Harder’ is a song about England,” Martha say. “A uniquely fucking terrible idea. A place governed by the most absurdly mediocre people in history. Selfish, rich, thick, malevolent ghouls propped up by a bootlicking, self-congratulating, stenographic, client-journalist news media that puts North Korea to shame. England is a grey, damp artifice, vibrating to a quasi-fascist background hum, where the majority live miserable hopeless lives, so that a tiny minority can live in extravagant luxury. As we lurch violently from one crisis to the next, it feels like the light of any hope for the future is slowly dying.

But we have to try and find hope in one another, and together we have to fight like hell for a more socially and ecologically just world. No fate but what we make for ourselves. Abolish england. Fuck the king.” All this set to a very catchy melody. Martha’s new album “Please Don’t Take Me Back” is out October 28th.

Martha’s new album ‘Please Don’t Take Me Back’ comes out on 28th October 2022, via Specialist Subject Records and Dirtnap Records.

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