GREET DEATH – ” New Low ” EP

Posted: December 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Slowly rolled out over the start of the year, the songs on Greet Death’s “New Low” felt like a constant in 2022, capturing the mundane repetitiveness of recent years with a gloomy mood built mainly from acoustic guitars, drawn-out tempos, measured vocals, and an echoey, open feeling that hangs over the songs like an ever-present fog over a graveyard. Lines like “sometimes it feels like everything is coming to an end / I wish I could escape from this existential dread,” or “now I’m afraid / I don’t feel anything / it’s all the same / I hate everything,” or “I hate the things I used to love / I’m fucked and now I’m done” might sound heavy-handed or overly emotive if they didn’t fit so well in the somber landscape Greet Death has created on “New Low”.

Another great release, not unlike death. My favourite track is a toss-up between “Punishment Existence” and “Your Love is Alcohol”, but the end of Alcohol hits hard, not unlike alcohol. 

What’s even more impressive is how purely listenable the EP is—20 minutes of the year’s most understatedly great rock music that rises above the punishing existence described in the songs by embracing the feeling of doom, rather than running from it. 

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