ENUMCLAW – ” 10th and J 2 “

Posted: December 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Enumclaw, the rising rock four-piece and recent best of new rising act out of Tacoma, Washington, shared one last single ahead of their debut album “Save the Baby” before its release this week. Our fifth preview of the album after “2002,” “Jimmy Neutron,” “Cowboy Bepop” and “Park Lodge,” “10th and J 2” is out now alongside a music video. One of the last tracks on “Save the Baby”, “10th and J 2” is also quietly one of the album’s best, a gleaming, twang-tinged strummer in which Aramis Johnson fights to safeguard his self-belief, even in the face of anxiety, isolation and doubt.

Over Eli Edwards and Ladaniel Gipson’s steady low end, Johnson and Nathan Cornell interweave warm acoustic chords and distant pedal steel, setting these heartland rock sounds against Johnson’s aspirational lyrics: “You should have it quoted / Say it all the time / I will be, I will be / Who I’m destined to be,” he sings, his heart set on running down that dream.

Enumclaw’s new single “10th and J 2” off of their forthcoming debut album “Save the Baby.”

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