Posted: December 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Following on from Hutson’s breakthrough 2020 release “Beginners”, a record that saw him catch the corners of Phoebe Bridgers’ starlight, “Quitters” puts Bridgers back in charge of production, this time splitting duties with Conor Oberst. Taking cues from Elliot Smith and sharing the same downcast and detached musical DNA, they kept the recordings intimate, capturing the warmth and diaristic confessionality of Hutson’s performance.

But it’s Hutson’s lyricism that really lifts “Quitters”. Full of cutting insight, self-deprecation, considered wit and loaded imagery, he can illuminate a scene with the turn of a few words. “I’m peeking through the bandages, to see if I can handle it”, he sings on “Endangered Birds”, while on “Teddy’s Song” he paints a glowing portrait. “Asleep with the radio next to the bed on the floor, ‘cause it sounds like my parents talking through the door.” His lines are evocative, instantly accessible and intuitive. While his use of first-person often has him playing the punchline, his delivery is so inclusive you always feel like you’re in on the joke. 

released April 1, 2022

Produced by Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst

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