DOMINIC ANGELELLA – ” Silver Dreams Don’t Move Me “

Posted: November 11, 2022 in MUSIC

When Dominic Angelella sings, “Know that it never was my goal to play a supporting role,” he means it. The Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter’s claims to fame include stints in Hop Along, touring with Lucy Dacus and MewithoutYou, and session work on a few notable hip-hop records. But before all that, he maxed out a credit card to chase his own dreams of rock stardom in several bands he led. Gear, studio time, and traveling all add up.

Those ambitions didn’t quite pan out to the level he might’ve hoped when he was younger. It took time, but Angelella, 36, is cool with that. He’s a little older now, and he realized his definition of success has evolved. So, in early 2020, he grabbed a guitar and penned another song, “Supporting Role,” about accepting his lot. “There’s a pressure in our society to monetize everything,” he tells MTV News. “Sometimes, you gotta eat, but looking back on that era with a new perspective is really what that song’s about.”

A new perspective like, “I’m living a life and it’s special,” as he says, can be healthy for any musician who’s grinded away for years as Angelella has. His latest album, “Silver Dreams Don’t Move Me”, is out Friday (November 11), full of character studies, rural travelogues, and nostalgic meditations on precisely that kind of special life. He took the LP’s title from a lyric by Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates fame, from a tune in the artist’s more obscure, experimental back catalogue, where two halves of the brain speak to each other.

Released November 11th, 2022

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