The ORIELLES – ” Darkened Corners “

Posted: November 10, 2022 in MUSIC

The Orielles have shared the video for ‘Darkened Corners’, the latest track to be taken from their recently released album “Tableau” which was released last month.

A tempo shifting, autumnal slice of super mellow motorik pop music, the band said about ‘Darkened Corners’:

“Darkened Corners” is one of the collective favourites of the album for us. Its musical narrative best describes emotionally what creating this record felt like for us. We wanted to create this kind of Krauty, super rigid and formulaic first part where everything happens in these repeated cycles. Then as the song starts to turn darker we created this spiralling passage where you should feel like you don’t really have a sense of time of where home is moving into this intense manic phase as Sid puts it the drums try to break free from the old ways into this blissful new world.

With “Tableau”, The Orielles are now three albums into their career, three albums that sound like they were made by three completely different bands. On their newest offering the gang from Halifax ditch the solar-powered cosmic funk of “Disco Volador”, for shadowy experimental pop, where their influences melt, mutate and merge until they’re completely unrecognisable, like visions from a dream

A lot of this tune had to be thought about thoroughly, we spent hours in Sid’s living room counting beats and tried to go really heavy with motiffing and ostinato. The lyrical inspiration comes from content comes from a Lee Friedlander exhibition Ez went to whilst in Berlin.”

The track is accompanied by a stunning video co-directed by the band with regular collaborator Neeam Khan Vela.

Bass, Vocals, Farfisa, Synths, Percussion, and Lyrics by Esme Hand-Halford Drums, Vocals, and Percussion by Sid Hand-Halford Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, and Wurlitzer by Henry Wade String Arrangement by Isabella Baker

The Orielles, released on Heavenly Recordings.

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