The VACANT LOTS – ” Consolation Prize ” 

Posted: September 8, 2022 in MUSIC

On the narcotic, down-tempo synth-punk of ‘Consolation Prize’, Jared Artaud says: “In the beginning of any relationship you can really lose yourself in another person. There’s something inherently infinite, but also terribly fleeting about love. This duality of will it last forever or will it last for now. You start off reaching for the stars and end up thinking life is your consolation prize. Then there is the music, which is like slow dancing on Benzos. Music for loners and lovers.”

“Consolation Prize” leans into the spacious and gothic side of post punk, building on top of abstract synth drones, minimalist percussion, and marching wiry bursts of guitar” Under The Radar

Later this month The Vacant Lots will be hitting the road for a US tour with The Black Angels over Sep-Oct followed by UK & Europe dates in Nov-Dec.

the latest single to be lifted from The Vacant Lots’ new album ‘Closure’, out September 30th on Fuzz Club Records

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