BJORK – ” Atopos “

Posted: September 7, 2022 in MUSIC
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A new video of Björk dancing around a luminous field of mushrooms with a woodwind accompaniment and pounding drums,. This is Björk’s video for the first single she’s sharing from her forthcoming LP is more mysterious and whimsical than the dream you forgot after waking up this morning. The avant-garde artist is getting ready to share her latest album “Fossora” on September 30th, and this morning she’s has shared the single “Atopos” boasting six bass clarinets and a video directed by Viðar Logi.

“I am so happy to share with you the first video of my album to the song ‘atopos,'” Björk wrote in an Instagram post. “Because of the enormous importance of bass in this song, could you please play it loudly?”

For me it is a good intro …. kinda like an id sound card, sonically this is a heavy bottom-ended bass world
we have 6 bass clarinets and punchy sub drilling, nesting and digging us into the ground

we all just went through an unique moment together, where we quarantined and stayed long enough in one place that we shot down roots, I tried to capture this feeling sonically, I described the sound to the musicians as my mushroom album : tree roots and mycelium spreading deep into the soil

the lyrics to “Atopos” are what Roland Barthes describes so magnificently in his book “A Lover’s Discourse” it is about the binary spirit of human nature … left versus right, man versus woman and so on but the theme of the song is to overcome differences and unite

or like the lyric says : “are these not just excuses to not connect?, our differences are irrelevant
our union is stronger than us”


Of the video she adds, “Dear viðar logi, thanks for all your joyus celebratory energy and for being up for taking on all the challenges i threw at you !! you transformed all of them into a viðar logi vision, I couldn’t possible have had a better visual partner in the pandemic …. I am so incredibly grateful for our journey, I can’t believe the amount of things we’ve done in the last 3 years !!”

taken from new album ‘Fossora’ out 30th september

No photo description available.

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