QUIVERS – ” If Only / I Just Wanted To See You So Bad ” Lucinda Williams Cover

Posted: September 8, 2022 in MUSIC

As a surprise for Bandcamp Friday, and up on our website afterwards- pre-orders are live on a new 7″ all sung by Bella! “If Only” and a Lucinda Williams cover as the B-Side! . Also we finally put up bundles if you are wanting all the records or a big bag of merch for cheapers before we head overseas!

Sam, Bella, Michael and Holly are Quivers, a band making cathartic guitar pop that jangles and shimmers with a lyrical directness not many bands commit to. With two albums now under their name, the grief-made “We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses” (Pink Lake Records) and the wide-eyed harmonic pop of “Golden Doubt” (Ba Da Bing!, Bobo Integral and Spunk Records), Quivers have found a rich vein of music and have just started digging. Musically you might hear the ghosts of early to mid-R.E.M., Echo and the Bunnymen, Teenage Fanclub or The Chills (et al) if these bands weren’t so dominated by stinky boys. By now, Quivers are their own thing; a kind of choose your own adventure. They leave space for guitars to climb over each other and drums and bass to tumble as four distinct voices sing or shout.

Bella Quinlan – sings, bass.
Sam Nicholson – guitar, sings
Michael Panton – guitar, tape loops
Holly Thomas – drums, percussion, sings

Releases September 9th, 2022

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