R.M.F.C. – ” Access “

Posted: August 28, 2022 in MUSIC

R.M.F.C. returns in 2022 with a brand new single from the much-anticipated, forthcoming LP, due early 2023.
“Access” is a short, sharp, straight to the point piece that combines an anarcho marching beat and Devo-style guitar riff that leads into the driving rhythm section R.M.F.C. is known and loved for. With the permanent addition of 12-string guitar to the band; it’s fuller, thicker and janglier than ever before, but still retains the R.M.F.C. sound.
Formerly based in Ulladulla, and now relocated to Sydney, R.M.F.C. is the baby of 21 year-old Buz Clatworthy, who writes and performs all the groups recorded output himself from his home studio (still based in Ulladulla). Following up in the footsteps of 2020’s “Reader” 7”, R.M.F.C.’s sound has grown as quickly as Buz has. Giant strides forward since the first cassette, “Hive”, was released in 2018 – and “Access” is only further proof of this.

On the flip side we have a phenomenal cover originally by The Lillettes, a UK based post punk band that wrote this great tune “Air Conditioning” in 1981.
These two ripping tracks complete the brand new R.M.F.C. 7”. “Access” is out now via Anti Fade Records – stay tuned for the LP early next year!

Released August 19th, 2022

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