MARGO PRICE  – ” Been To The Mountain “

Posted: August 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Sometimes I wonder if there live non-musicians in Nashville, Tennessee. Anyway, country rocker Margo Price lives and works there to and is ready for plenty of action. She just finished her memoir, she restarts her radio show and she has a brand new single out, called “Been To The Mountain”.

This song is part one of an introspective trip into our subconscious. It is the continuation of my search for freedom in my art and freedom in the modern age. I have a lot of high hopes for this next chapter and truly believe, this is the most exciting music I’ve ever made in the studio with my band.

A stompin’ guitar-fuelled groove with warm organ sequences Price’s mountainous vocals reaching for the sky. A Rollicking hit. The video for my new song “Been To The Mountain” is out now! I am so grateful to Courtney Hoffman and the incredible cast and crew who brought my wild visions to life. It was filmed in Bentonite Hills, Utah and Monrovia, California. I wanted this hypothetical 12 hour trip to feel like a mini lifetime in just one day. We also wanted to portray how an intense psychedelic experience has the potential to become a spiritual experience, help you face the demons inside you, and how that can change your perception of the world around you.

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