YOUNG JESUS – ” Ocean ” Feat Tomberlin

Posted: August 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Los Angeles based artist Young Jesus has announced the follow-up to 2020’s “Welcome to Conceptual Beach” and it’s called “Shepherd Head“. The first glimpse at the album, which is out September 16th via Saddle Creek, is the sublime single “Ocean” featuring vocals from labelmate Tomberlin. The single comes with a video directed by Stuart McClave.

The music of Young Jesus has always been about change. Bandleader and sole original member John Rossiter is a restless spirit, always moving, always seeking new sounds, new thoughts, new methods of working. Young Jesus’ new album “Shepherd Head” is a dramatic departure for the band, delving deeper into the themes that have always fascinated Rossiter—love, loss, and God—approached in a completely new direction. It’s a record of growth and exploration, pushing forward into the future with hope while still holding the pain and regrets of the past, seeking a balance for the present.

“Ocean” opens with babbles of water before John Rossiter’s gentle, somewhat weepy vocals command: “Stay” he sings, letting the silence be over overridden by delicate finger-plucked guitar and Marcel Borbón Peréz’s pronounced bass. “Where I’m at is where I’m not,” he continues. “God is just the ocean where I’m lost.”

Immediately, Young Jesus surrounds us with intricate instrumentation that swells as Rossiter’s poetically weary observations move toward acceptance. It’s gorgeous how Young Jesus transforms a sense of being lost into an encouragement to wonder without question.

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