Posted: August 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Following their 2021 album “A Billion Little Lights“, Wild Pink released a couple transcendent one-off singles “Florida” and “Q. Degraw” to tide us over until their next release, seems we didn’t have to wait too long. Today, they’ve announced their fourth full-length “ILYSM” and shared the titled track, which feels urgent and grand like an anthem rivalling those of U2 or Arcade Fire. The album out October 14th on Royal Mountain Records, was co-produced by the group’s John Ross with Justin Pizzoferrato (Pixies, Speedy Ortiz). “ILYSM” also features an exciting line-up of a guest musicians including: J Mascis, Julien Baker, Ryley Walker, Yasmin Williams, and Samantha Crain.

“This song, like a few others on this record, takes place where I live and the field next to it,” Ross says about the new single. “A full moon will light up all the rooms here in a way I’ve never really seen and I feel like this song wrote itself a little bit. This album is about love in its many forms and this song in particular is a metaphor for love and obsession.”

The track also comes with a visualizer by John Smith that used the Dall-E 2 AI system to make the art. “The imagery of the specific clips were directly inspired by different lyrical lines or references, then edited together to make an experimental animation,” Smith said. “Perhaps one of the first animations using this new model. Early in the pandemic I started a deep dive learning about how I could use and utilize machine learning in my creative practice, and I found that it can be a very exciting and expressive tool for image making.”

Songs written and produced by John Ross

John Ross: Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Dan Keegan: Drums and Percussion
Arden Yonkers: Bass and Keys
David Moore: Piano, Banjo and Farfisa
Jeremy Viner: Saxophone and Clarinet
Peter Silberman: Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Mike ‘Slo Mo’ Brenner: Pedal Steel
Julien Baker: Vocals on “Hold My Hand”
Samantha Crain: Vocals on “St. Beater Camry”
J Mascis: Guitar on “See You Better Now”
Julia Steiner: Vocals on “ILYSM” and “See You Better Now”
Ryley Walker: Guitar on “Simple Glyphs”
Yasmin Williams: Guitar on “The Grass Widow In The Glass Window”

The album, which is out October 14th on Royal Mountain Records

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