Posted: August 7, 2022 in MUSIC

After making a name with her fierce 2019 debut “Beware of the Dogs“, Perth singer/songwriter Stella Donnelly turned inward. “I’m taken out to sea in the flood / Swimmer looking for the line,” she sings on “Flood’s” title track, a bittersweet beauty of a center piece about keeping one’s head above water while awash in the emotional tumult that tends to accompany such introspection.

Where “Beware of the Dogs” paired Donnelly’s emotionally explosive song writing with bright indie-pop sounds and only occasional solemnity, “Flood” flips that script, as if to bare Donnelly’s battered heart (“Is it a pipe dream to want my children / Never to wake up and hear a woman screaming?” she considers on “Morning Silence”) with a newfound sense of peace and acceptance.

“I do love observing human dynamics,” Donnelly said in a previous press release, in relation to “Lungs,” the album’s opening track. “Dynamics between old best friends, or dynamics between housemates, or a relationship where the two people are broken up and haven’t spoken in years. I like getting into the mind of someone who we’ve all been at some point.”

Donnelly wrote “Flood” on piano, rather than guitar, a major contributor to the record’s more stately approach—“You’re the bit that holds us all together,” she declares on “Move Me,” as if in tribute to the instrument. It’s a serious album from a serious song writing talent.

Donnelly had this to say about “How Was Your Day?” in a press release: “This is my attempt at building a song out of a very specific dynamic between two monogamously involved people. The verses are just excerpts from real conversations, fragments of what two people talk about when they both know they need to have a real talk but neither wants to be the one to bring it up. This song came out of lockdown and seeing a lot of friends break up or get married.”

Of the video, she says: “This video does a really good job of portraying how annoying I am! We shot it from opposite sides of the world which was a little bit stressful but a lot of fun.”

Australian singer/songwriter Stella Donnelly is releasing a new album, “Flood”, on August 26th via Secretly Canadian. 

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