GIFT – ” Gumball Garden “

Posted: August 7, 2022 in MUSIC

On Wednesday, Brooklyn-based psych-rock quintet Gift announced the release of their debut album, “Momentary Presence”, which will be out on October 14th via Dedstrange Records. They also shared a video for the album’s lead single, “Gumball Garden.” 

“I wrote this song way before most people knew what the word pandemic meant,” band leader TJ Freda says of “Gumball Garden” in a press release. “I had a dream in late 2019 where I woke up one day and there was nobody on earth. I was walking around looking for any forms of life to no avail. It was sad but also strangely peaceful. When the pandemic happened, this song took on a whole new meaning. We did wake up one day and the streets were empty. Everyone had gone away. This song is about finding peace in solitude.”

Brooklyn’s GIFT open the gates to a technicolour shoegazing fantasy island on “Gumball Garden,” the first single from their debut LP, “Momentary Presence”, due out October 14th, 2022 on Dedstrange.   The psychedelic Brooklyn quintet splice together dank strains of psych, krautrock and dream pop to grow their own hybrid—one that according to Rolling Stone, is heady enough to “[open] a portal to another dimension.”   Dipped in syrupy synths and topped with powdered fuzz riffs, “Gumball Garden” is a delectable confection of heavy neo-psychedelic euphoria.

debut LP, “Momentary Presence”, due out October 14th, 2022 on Dedstrange.

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