JOYERIA – ” Colour Film “

Posted: August 2, 2022 in MUSIC

So far, Joyeria has charted his career in invisible ink. Always a shape shifter, never a genre chaser. He’s quit bands when their buzz was the buzziest, he’s released music under names even devotees could never remember how to spell and has insisted on building his backstory entirely with gaps in the narrative. He’s a maths-wiz, a crack chess player, a painter and Dad who smokes on the sly. Built like a hockey player, with a frame carved out by late nights and tour life – he is an imposing figure until you step into the presence of his gently voracious enthusiasm.

Joyeria announced his debut EP, “FIM“, which will be out October 14th via Speedy Wunderground. It was produced by label head Dan Carey. There’s a distinct Pavement. / Silver Jews vibe to Joyeria’s music which evident on new single “Colour Film.”

“Colour Film’ is about the mindless daily routine of being alive, what David Foster Wallace called ‘water,'” he says. “I apparently have the ability to choose how I feel or think as I participate in being alive just as I can choose how I feel and think when I explain songs which is to say at times, very uneasy. But this song is also about worry beads, American G.I.’s running fighter pilot drills over Mediterranean islands, stray cats, ice creams and falling rotten oranges. Like I said, I’m in a colour film, in fact we might all be.”

Over the course of six songs, a listener has room to luxuriate in electric confessions of fatigue, “Just let the dog eat from the table/ I lay in its spot catching some sleep.” And while the “FIM” (EP) never pretends to be positive and uplifting, it’s hard to shake the ecstatic thrill of Joyeria declaring: “There’s a wild joy I remember” — as if his voice is about to break its vessel. It’s too necessary a cry to be nostalgic. And if it sounds slightly insane, it is because it’s inspired.

Taken from the forthcoming ‘FIM EP’ – out digitally on 14th October 2022 & on 12” vinyl on 2nd December 2022 on Speedy Wunderground. Track produced by Dan Carey.

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