JOHN CALE – ” Night Crawling “

Posted: August 2, 2022 in MUSIC

It’s been a helluva past few years and I’m glad to finally share a glimpse of what’s coming ahead. This is “Night Crawling,” featuring a video by Mickey Miles.

There was this period around mid-late 70s when David Bowie and I would run into each other in New York city. There was plenty of talk about getting some work done but of course we’d end up running the streets, sometimes until we couldn’t keep a thought in our heads, let alone actually get a song together! One night we managed to meet up for a benefit concert where I taught him a viola part so we could perform together. When I wrote “Night Crawling,” it was a reflective moment of particular times.

That kind of NYC that held art in its grip, strong enough to keep it safe and dangerous enough to keep it interesting. I always figured we’d have another go at the two of us recording together, this time without the interference of being perpetually off our heads! The thing about creating music is the ability to divine a thought or feeling even when reality says it’s a logical impossibility.

John Cale presents “Night Crawling,” his first new music since 2020 when he released the single, “Lazy Day,” and a taste of much more to come from Cale. He wrote “Night Crawling” with a nod to ’70s NYC pre-disco, recalling times when he and David Bowie would traverse the city at night.   

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