WHY BONNIE – ” 90 In November ” Best Albums Of 2022

Posted: July 28, 2022 in MUSIC

On “Nowhere LA” – LA as in Louisiana not Los Angeles, Why Bonnie‘s lead singer Blair Howerton uses a broken down car on an isolated road to describe a stalled relationship: “I know I walk fast, but my heart moves so slow.”

Blair offers: “Inspired by a true story of breaking down in the middle of nowhere Louisiana with an ex, this song is about looking at a relationship in the rear view mirror. Once you’re further away from a place, you can see it all more clearly and with a bit more understanding.”

Why Bonnie: 90 In November” Though they’ve been rehearsing for this moment for some time, releasing EPs that skew towards indie pop since 2018, Why Bonnie appear fully formed on their debut album “90 in November“. Out via Austin-based Keeled Scales, their warm, twangy brand of indie rock feels right at home with that of their label-mates Sun June, Good Looks and Katy Kirby. The label’s recent, glorious run has seen them uplifting a unique rock scene that captures the simultaneously grounded, yet majestic nature of their home state—“90 in November” is just the latest entry. Why Bonnie’s named influences are acts like Sheryl Crow, The Replacements and Townes Van Zandt. With inspiration taken from all sides of rock music, it’s easy to see how they seamlessly straddle the lines between several genres themselves. They make indie rock, sure, but there’s an undeniable current of country music in there, as well as some nods to pop songwriting in their hooky, melodic execution. These disparate influences also bolster their music with a sense of familiarity.

“Nowhere, LA” is the final single before the August 19th album release and follows “Sailor Mouth,” “Hot Car, “90 in November,” and “Galveston.” 

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