The KINKS – ” Muswell Hillbillies ” and ” Everybody’s in Show-Biz – Everybody’s a Star ” 50th Anniversaries Reissues

Posted: July 27, 2022 in MUSIC

The Kinks have announced a sprawling box set celebrating the 50th anniversaries of 1971’s “Muswell Hillbillies” and 1972’s “Everybody’s in Show-Biz – Everybody’s a Star”.

The deluxe box set – which will arrive on September 9th features newly remastered versions of both albums on both vinyl and CD, as well as 11 new remixes courtesy of co-founder Ray Davies. An accompanying Blu-ray features a previously unseen, digitally restored 1971 home movie. Further bonus material includes a 52-page deluxe hardcover book, a Kinks metal badge, glossy photo prints of the band and a “London Roots” map highlighting historical Kinks-related locations.

Released in November 1971, “Muswell Hillbillies” was the band’s first album with their new label, RCA Records. The LP was heavily influenced by Ray and Dave Davies’ London upbringing, with the brothers delving into various facets of working-class life for inspiration.

Though “Muswell Hillbillies” was a commercial failure upon release, its place among Kinks fans has continued to grow over the years. In retrospect, many regard it as a turning point for the group, leading them to more ambitious and personal material.

“Muswell Hillbillies” is one of my favourite and collectable Kink’s albums,” Dave Davies noted in a press release. “It’s a bit of a backstory to the Davies family and the characters involved.”

“Now with a new record company and a new image, I could bring some of the old wild western spirit into my music,” recalled Ray Davies. “These albums capture the
the re-emergence of the Kinks as a touring band.”

“Everybody’s in Show-Biz” was part studio album, part live record. The studio material examined Hollywood and the American obsession with fame. Meanwhile, the live material, captured during two nights at New York’s Carnegie Hall, featured the Kinks performing many of their “Muswell Hillbillies” songs in concert, along with several favourites.

The Muswell Hillbillies/Everybody’s In Show-Biz deluxe box set can be pre-ordered now, with several variations available. 6LP – Packaged inside a newly designed two-part box, this deluxe set includes re-mastered audio from the original Muswell Hillbillies and Everybody’s In Show-Biz sources. Pressed on 6 colour vinyl and 4 CDs. A bonus heavy weight black vinyl of 11 new Ray Davies Remixes. A Blu-Ray video of ‘Ray Davies 1971 Home Movie’. Also included in the release is a ‘London Roots Map’ of all the Kinks landmarks, x6 glossy photos, a Kinks Pin-Badge and 52pp hardback book including rare and unseen band photos and quotes.

The Kinks ‘Muswell Hillbillies’ & ‘Everybody’s In Show-Biz’ 50th anniversary release is available as a deluxe, expanded, remastered re-issues box set, LPs, CDs and digital.

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