The MOUNTAIN GOATS –  ” Bleed Out “

Posted: July 16, 2022 in MUSIC

The Mountain Goats continue to be highly prolific and consistently great. The indie folk vets’ latest LP was produced by Bully’s Alicia Bognanno, and band leader John Darnielle says, “I got this idea to write a bunch of songs where they were all up-tempo mini-action movies. Plots, characters, heists, hostages, questionable capers, getaway cars, all that stuff.” Sounds like a very Mountain Goats-y concept, and the recently released lead single finds the band’s trademark sound in great shape.

When I write an album that revolves around a theme, it usually takes two or three songs before I notice what’s going on. There’s always one song that becomes the ‘might as well dive all the way in’ song and on “Bleed Out” that song was “Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome,” written while watching a French action movie way past my normal bedtime. Once I had the chorus of this one I started asking myself the kinds of questions that usually end up shaping the album: What if I just wrote all the songs on guitar? What if I leaned into the up-tempo ones? In recent years I shy away from the fist-punch no-brakes anthemic style but here I figured, you know, no point just wading around in blood if I’m already in knee-deep.

“Training Montage” by the Mountain Goats from their new album ‘Bleed Out’ coming August 19th, 2022 on Merge Records.

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