CREAM – ” Sunshine of Your Love ” Glen Campbell Show

Posted: July 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Taken from the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, this fantastic clip of Campbell introducing U.S. TV audiences to a very english rock band “The Cream.” It took place on July 14th, 1968 when the then-32-year-old singer was the summertime host for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. It’s a show that’s perhaps most famous for the flash-bomb explosion that damages Pete Townsend’s hearing forever, but the Smothers Brothers have always featured musical turns. Buffalo Springfield, Donovan, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and Steppenwolf all guested on the show.

Cream (guitarist Eric Clapton, bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker) were promoting their third album and were no strangers to U.S. audiences either collectively or individually. The British classic rock supergroup’s 1966 debut, “Fresh Cream“, and then 1967 follow-up, “Disraeli Gears“, The latter included “Sunshine of Your Love,” which became a huge breakthrough hit when it was released as a single in January 1968.

The July 1968 double LP “Wheels of Fire” continued their commercial success. The second disc was a live album recorded in San Francisco earlier that year. The studio side included another huge hit, “White Room” which became their only Top 5 single.

In the broadcast, Campbell introduces “The three guys you are about to meet were at one time considered to be the finest studio musicians in England. They were considered the cream of the crop of their profession so they figured they were so much in demand that they started their own thing. Ladies and Gentlemen… The Cream!Cream would break up just four months later.

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