JULIE ODELL – ” Cardinal Feather “

Posted: July 14, 2022 in MUSIC

New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Julie Odell has announced a new album, “Autumn Eve”, due out September 30 via Frenchkiss Records. The new single is propulsive retro rocker “Cardinal Feather,” which Odell says “was born out of a panic attack. It’s about finding support in the dark times and finding the strength within to be gentle with yourself. It’s about accepting help when you need it and not being ashamed for needing it. It can be hard to feel seen when you can’t fully recognize yourself in moments of extreme anxiety and confusion. I’m thankful for the people who have stuck around after all the moments like this that I’ve had, along with so many others.”

Lead single “Cardinal Feather”  is a quicksilver ripper, with both a graceful, silky patience and fiery rock motor. The accompanying video finds Odell lakeside in swampy Louisiana, shot from sunrise to dusk in the lush environment under swarms of mosquitoes.

“demonstrates the New Orleans–based songwriter’s talents both on the instrument and for singing, creating a recording that sounds like Neko Case by way of Veckatimest”

Frenchkiss Records Released on: 13th July 2022

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