HELLO MARY – ” Looking Right Into The Sun “

Posted: July 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Brooklyn-based Hello Mary have signed to esteemed indie label Frenchkiss Records. Today the trio – Helena Straight (guitar, vox), Mikaela Oppenheimer (bass), and Stella Wave (drums, vox) – have also shared a new single “Looking Right Into The Sun.” Driven by a tight and dynamic rhythm section that gives way to Straight’s crystalline and confident falsetto, the song features the band’s trademark harmonies and their ability to meld elements of 90s shoegaze with indie rock and grunge into something that is all their own. It was written in true Hello Mary fashion – a collage of different guitar parts, lyrics and rhythmic changes written by all three members. They share, “‘Looking Right Into The Sun’ plays with general themes of feeling stuck and restricted by circumstances out of one’s control. For us specifically it relates to us having to practice as a band during COVID, not being able to play shows, and being stuck in the thick of writing songs out of a need to cope. The main repeating line of the song ‘Looking right into the Sun,’ plays with the idea of confronting something with such duality – the sun is beautiful and mesmerizing yet looking directly at it will blind you- kind of like confronting a hard truth and turning it into a sick song.” 

The video concept, which was developed by Abbie Jones and Stella Wave together, plays with these general themes through depicting the band tirelessly promoting a show that only one person ends up attending. Hello Mary is Helena Straight, Stella Wave and Mikaela Oppenheimer.

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