BREAD PILOT – ” Skin Day “

Posted: May 30, 2022 in MUSIC

Seattle-via-Connecticut band Bread Pilot have signed to Double Double Whammy and announced a new album, “New To You”, due out May 27th via their new label home. On their debut, “New to You”, Bread Pilot create a time capsule that holds all the highs and lows of the last 10 years. The band began making music when they were in high school and draw on their decade’s worth of memories together to make something truly sentimental. They manage to catapult between comfortable nostalgia and energetic indie in a way that authentically captures the whole spectrum of emotions they experienced. Listening to the album feels like flipping through a photo album where each song is an intimate snapshot of a specific person or place sacred to the band.

The lead single is “Skin Day,” a tuneful, fuzzed out slice of upbeat indie rock. “‘Skin Day’ is fuelled by the urgency to complete an idea before the inspiration expires,” guitarist/vocalist Stephen Ibanez, Jr. says. “It was conceived on a winter afternoon while housesitting in an unfamiliar place. I had taken a bit of a substance and felt the effects coming on as I was writing, and in fear of being unable to be in control of my body/mind for much longer, I focused in and wrote the rest of it in a bit of a panic.”

“Skin Day” from the album “New To You”, out May 27th 2022 via Double Double Whammy

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