The KVB –  ” Unity Remixes “

Posted: May 29, 2022 in MUSIC

Remixes don’t quite have the appeal they did in the ’90s and ’00s, when indie rock and club culture were intertwining a little more. It still happens, and we’ve seen a lot of remix albums through the pandemic but those often seem like a way to remind fans that they’re finally going to tour for that record they made two years ago. Still, some groups seem to understand the appeal of remixes and what makes a good one. UK motorik darkwave duo The KVB have turned over last’s “Unity” to a select group of sympathetic friends and fellow artists and the result is this excellent EP that offers up across-the-board great alternate versions of songs that, in a couple cases, might better the original.

One of those that feels like a step up is Trentemøller‘s remix of “Lumens” that strips out a lot of the original’s synths and refashions it into textured dreampop not unlike what’s on his new album “Memoria“. Also bettering the original is The KVB’s own “After Hours” version of “Structural Index” that adds a little laid-back swing and house feel. Elsewhere: Drab Majesty give “Blind” a whole new (killer) bassline, Moa Moa take “Unbound” into more overt rock territory, Principleasure reimagines “Unité” as pure techno, and “Ideal Living” is shot into the stratosphere by maXIon. None are radical reworks, but all add welcome detail, making for a worthy companion to a very good album.

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