The AFGHAN WHIGS – ” The Getaway “

Posted: May 3, 2022 in MUSIC

The Afghan Whigs announced their first studio album in five years: It’s called “How Do You Burn?” and it’s coming out September 9th via Royal Cream/BMG. The band revealed that two tracks on the album feature backing vocals from the late Mark Lanegan. “It was Mark who named the album,” frontman Greg Dulli revealed. The 10-track album also features Susan Marshalls, Van Hunt, and Marcy Mays.

They’ve also released the first single called “The Getaway” and a video for it directed by Philip Harder and Patrick Pierson. The visual depicts the band in silver astronaut suits. Are they on Earth? Are they on a newly discovered planet? It’s all a bit unclear. The sun blazes as The Afghan Whigs jam in a desert. “Sitting on a wire, hiding on display / Waiting for the night, as I destroy the day,” Dulli sings. But wait! There’s another astronaut and they walk toward an eerie space station with a rocket. The rocket has the letters “USA” on it. Maybe they’re on Earth, or maybe it’s an abandoned ship on another planet? Who’s to say.

How Do You Burn?” is out September 9th on Royal Cream/BMG.

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