JETHRO TULL – ” Live At The Los Angeles Forum ” June 23rd 1972

Posted: May 3, 2022 in MUSIC

Jethro Tull live audio at the Los Angeles Forum June 23rd1972. This is one of my favourite bootlegs of the “Thick As A Brick” tour with great sound and a very enthusiastic audience, so I dressed it up with lots of photos. I especially like how Jeffrey’s bass playing comes to the front in the mix.

Among my favourite Jethro Tull show. Which is difficult to gage when considering the shows the band performed “A Passion Play” in 73 and The “Warchild” tour in 75.
This though was highly anticipated and a landmark in terms of rock concerts of the day, as funny as it was surprising and electrifying.


0:00 Introduction 2:48 01A. Thick as a Brick part 1 (opens with a few seconds of Only Solitaire) 7:11 Telephone Interruption “It appears there is a very urgent telephone message for a Mr Mike Nelson if he’s in the audience tonight – I think there might be a dover sole on the line” 7:39 01B. Thick as a Brick part 1 (continued) 16:48 02. Keyboard Instrumental 22:26 03. Thick as a Brick part 2 25:08 04. Flute Instrumental 26:27 05. Flute Solo (includes God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Bourée) 37:24 06A. Thick as a Brick part 3 40:32 Jeffrey: Ian is now playing a rhythmic link sequence . . . 41:26 06B. Thick as a Brick part 3 (continued) 46:59 07. News and Weather 52:22 08. Thick as a Brick part 4 54:05 09. Drum Solo 1:05:50 10. Thick As A Brick Jam (We are geared toward the average rather than the exceptional) 1:12:23 11. Thick as a Brick part 5 1:17:14 Applause 1:18:04 “And now for our second number”, Introduction to Jeffrey, Jeffrey introduction to Cross-Eyed Mary 1:19:36 12. Cross-Eyed Mary 1:22:36 “What’s the name of that song they used to play” . . . 1:22:58 13. A New Day Yesterday 1:37:45 14. Aqualung 1:44:36 Thank you, applause 1:48:09 Introduction 1:49:50 15. Wind-Up 1:54:46 15. Instrumental 1:59:31 16. Guitar Solo 2:06:19 17. Locomotive Breath 2:12:53 18. Hard-headed English General 2:14:00 19. Instrumental 2:15:50 20. Wind Up (reprise) 2:17:56 Applause

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