DEHD – ” Stars “

Posted: April 25, 2022 in MUSIC

Chicago trio Dehd are gearin up to release new album “Blue Skies” in May and they’ve just dropped this new song and video. “When I get too overwhelmed and I feel like my heart’s gonna break from all the sadness in this world I go for a walk,” says the band’s Jason Balla of the song’s origins. “The familiar streets of home pull me back to earth.

The Chicago trio Dehd follow up 2020’s well-regarded “Flower of Devotion” with their most considered work to date. Emily Kempf, Eric McGrady and Jason Balla made it at the same studio as “Flower of Devotion”, but tripling their studio time allowed them to flesh out their songs with synthesizers, drum machines and other new sounds. Don’t worry, they haven’t abandoned their DIY roots: singles “Bad Love” and “Stars” still sound raw and visceral.

Official music video for Dehd’s new song “Stars,” off of their forthcoming album ‘Blue Skies.’

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