The HOUSE OF LOVE – ” Burn Down The World ” Box Set

Posted: April 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Finally, the news you were waiting for – The Fontana era boxset – “The House Of Love: Burn Down The World”, 8CD Box Set

The set will be released on July 29th, 2022. • Deluxe 8CD Box Set Compiling three albums, Singles, B-Sides and Rarities plus previously unreleased demo’s and two complete live recordings unreleased Live Recordinghs by the House Of Love.

The set has 139 Tracks spanning the band’s four year spell on Fontana Records.

Features the Hit singles ‘Shine On’, ‘The Beatles and The Stones’, ‘Never’, ‘The Girl with the Loneliest Eyes’, ‘Crush Me’ and others. Produced in conjunction with Guy Chambers.

Following their critically acclaimed Creation Records’ debut, The House Of Love signed to Fontana Records and embarked on four years of non-stop recording and touring that would take them into the mainstream. Produced in association with founder, frontman and principle songwriter Guy Chambers, ‘Burn Down The World’ takes an in-depth look at that period in the band’s career, both in the studio and onstage. By the time The House of Love‘s self-titled debut was released by Creation Records in 1988, the band had already been scooped up by major label Fontana. Seeing hit potential in frontman Guy Chadwick’s songs (and cheekbones), Fontana quickly got the band back in the studio to make their second album. It was anything but quick, though, as House of Love spent more than a year and $1 million on the album, burning through studios, producers and brilliant lead guitarist Terry Bickers’ sanity. (Bickers was sacked in late 1989.) Released in July 1990, The House of Love (aka “The Butterfly Album”) is nonetheless great listen.

Featuring countless never before heard demos, lost tracks and live recordings sourced from Fontana’s archive, alongside rare fan club-only releases, compilation appearances, promotional versions and tracks never before available on CD, and accompanied by the thoughts of Guy Chambers, ‘Burn Down The World’ sheds new light and insight on a rollercoaster ride which took House Of Love from indie darlings to mainstream globetrotters.

The House of Love never quite fit in. The band remained on Fontana till they broke up in 1993, releasing the very good, underrated “Babe Rainbow” in 1992 and not-quite-as-good “Audience With the Mind” the next year. The Creation era of the band — their excellent debut album and early singles — gets most of the attention these days but the Fontana albums hold up well, as shown on this new box set. Across a whopping eight CDs, “Burn Down the World” collects pretty much everything that House of Love released on Fontana, including the three albums and tons and tons of b-sides, outtakes, demos and live cuts, 13 of which have never been released before.

Some of these B-sides and outtakes, including the fantastic “Marble” and a whole bunch of songs titled “Love,” were actually released during the band’s original run on 1990’s “Spy in the House of Love” compilation. Here, “Spy” is expanded to three CDs worth of material including their cover of George McRae’s 1974 disco hit “Rock Your Baby” (recorded for NME’s 40th Anniversary), their cover of The Chills’ “Pink Frost” (b-side to “The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes.”) A lot of these odds and ends are as good as anything on their proper albums. There’s also a full-show recording of The House of Love live in Leicester in 1990, as well as recordings live in NYC in 1991/1992.

Presented in a deluxe slipcase box, and accompanied by a lavish booklet, this is a welcome opportunity to revisit in depth the career of one of the great bands of the proto-Britpop era of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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