ENGINEERS – ” Home “

Posted: April 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Led by Mark Peters, UK band Engineers have been making gorgeous, blissed-out dreampop for nearly 20 years. With a sound as airy as little fluffy clouds against a clear blue sky, the band got a lot of comparisons to Slowdive early on but that never quite fit. Engineers mixed in lots of synthesizers with proggy rhythms and soulful melodies for a sound that put them closer to Beta Band by way of Pink Floyd and Ulrich Schnauss (who ended up joining the band in 2010). They have their own distinct style.

Having put out five albums over the last two decades (most recently 2020’s Pictobug), Engineers are still best known for their 2005 self-titled debut, partially because single “Home” ended up being used as the theme for HBO series Big Love in its fourth and fifth seasons. It’s a fantastic record, the kind of super psychedelic bubblebath music that sends you off to Rancho Relaxo while still holding your attention.

Welcome vinyl reissue of UK dreampop band’s excellent debut album, Released just before the vinyl resurgence via Chrysalis imprint Echo Records (Morcheeba, Moloko, more) that folded the next year, the album has been out of print physically since its initial release so Music on Vinyl’s gatefold double LP reissue, due out May 13th, is very welcome.

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