PUP – ” Totally Fine “

Posted: March 31, 2022 in MUSIC

“The Unraveling Of Pup The Band”, the fourth album by the great Toronto punk band PUP, starts out with frontman Stefan Babcock banging out a few chords on the piano, sounding like Conor Oberst by way of Patrick Stickles as he slurs his way through a tongue-in-cheek verse about PUP and the people who hate them (“they only listen to noise punk, or nothing, and they haven’t listened to any new music since college”). He hits a wrong chord, says “fuck” under his breath, and then the whole band kicks in, accompanied by rousing trumpets. Titled “Four Chords,” it’s a song that Stefan, who is not a pianist, wrote after buying a Fender Rhodes on a whim, sent to his bandmates as a joke, and never pictured as something that would appear on a PUP album.

But at the last minute, bassist Nestor Chumak encouraged Stefan not only to properly record it, but to start the album with it, and then PUP reprised it twice throughout the album. On it, Stefan sounds like the album’s narrator, breaking the fourth wall the way The Beatles did on the title track to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. And like that album, “The Unraveling Of Pup The Band” is at least a semi-concept album, inspired in part by the need to do something different. But whereas The Beatles were playing the role of a made-up band, PUP are leaning even more into exactly who they are.

“The Unraveling Of Pup The Band” is the funniest, darkest, and weirdest PUP album yet, which also makes it the PUP-iest thing PUP have ever done. It uses the same introspective self-deprecation as its predecessors, but on a more macro level, and it found PUP pushing themselves even further to the brink of implosion than they ever had before.

“It was just a record of extremes for us,” Stefan told us, “like, wanting to kill each other but also loving each other and being so happy and proud of each other for making a record that we’re all stoked on.”

New album“The Unraveling Of Pup The Band” out April 1st, 2022.

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