QLOWSKI – ” Quale Futuro? “

Posted: March 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Italian-bred, London-based punk band Qlowski fall at the interesting intersection of indie rock, art punk, synth-pop and noise rock. Their first album “Quale Futuro?” arrived last year, and it feels like a treasure trove for anyone who loves to geek out about their favourite underground indie or post-punk bands from decades past. And sure, they scratch a lot of stylistic itches, but they always emerge sounding like themselves. Tracks such as “Folk Song” and “To Be True” spill over with euphoric pop thrust, while others like “All Good” and “Ikea Youth Pt. 2” ring out with jolting discordance. Qlowski are also a gem for anyone who loves dual vocalists with clear tone contrasts—Mickey Tellarini has a bold, gothic voice that flickers between tender and moody, while Cecilia Corapi’s is of the delectable indie-pop variety, rife with light-hearted ease and enchanting imperfections.

This is Quale Futuro? their debut LP for Maple Death Records. London based twee-punks Qlowski entered the studio in late January 2020, basically before everything. Crammed in a small studio room in Tottenham Hale with producer Lindsay A. Corstorphine (Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas, Middex) they created a striking, full blown manifesto, where their early post-punk nuances are heightened by an extremely poetic and compelling vision that encapsulates words, imagery and noise.

Propulsive rhythms, a modern spin on kiwi-pop and a weird combination of dark punk, noise rock and flower pop are still the foundation of their sound but it’s the combination of bandleaders Mickey and Cecilia’s voices that creates an eerie effortless sense of familiarity. It’s no wonder they’ve known each other since they were young kids.

Ferocity, heart, art and conviction travel together on Quale Futuro?, placing Qlowski in that beautiful lineage of bands trying to escape the masculine showmanship of borderline rock’n’roll and outsider punk. Martin Newell, Television Personalities, Half Japanese, The Raincoats, The Clean, Killing Joke, Aussie Punk. Music narrating life through all the artistic forms. If concrete-punk was just a fun label thrown around to define Qlowski in the early days, now it has become a calling, a statement defining their future.

If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile guitar band you’ve never heard before, you should catch Qlowski

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