PILLOW QUEENS – ” Leave a Light On “

Posted: March 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Dublin band Pillow Queens marry fuzzy guitars with pleading lyrics, often reconciling their Catholic upbringing and their queer identity: “Well, I won’t worry about the gay girls / I pray for them when I wring my hands / Marie, Marie, Marie / Tell me where to find you when I lose my way,” Pamela Connolly sings on “Gay Girls,” off the band’s 2020 self-released debut, “In Waiting“. Shedding guilt and embracing one’s true self has rarely sounded this beautiful. Connolly shares lead vocal, rhythm guitar and bass duties with Sarah Corcoran, with Cathy McGuinness playing lead guitar and Rachel Lyons on bass. The quartet’s second album “Leave a Light On” is due out in April on Royal Mountain Records.

Two years on since the release of In Waiting, Pillow Queens will release their new album Leave The Light On on Royal Mountain Records.

Leave the Light On” is an exploration of the uncertainty of emotions as they are in process, and an intuitive outpouring of ideas as they form. It’s about being intimately honest with yourself, and as a band. It’s about trusting that this state of vulnerability can be held as it emerges, by you, by us.

But gravitating towards the unknown and the ambiguous can often yield the kinds of sounds and feelings that provide creative certainty, where the art is coming to you, as much as you going to it. “Leave the Light On” fills vast new sonic plains for Pillow Queens. It’s an album that encourages duality; to be soft and hard, delicate, and muscular, intimate and anthemic, alone and together. Collaborating on lyrics, a shared emotional experience fills these songs of hope and home, insecurity and estrangement, songs that track time passing and a sense of reflection grows deeper every day.

New album ‘Leave the Light On’ comes out April 1st.

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