KEVIN DEVINE – ” Nothing’s Real So Nothing’s Wrong “

Posted: March 8, 2022 in MUSIC

Kevin Devine has shared the second single off his first proper album in six years, “Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong”, and it’s a very cool song that finds him going in synth poppier direction than usual, but still in that unmistakably Kevin Devine kind of way.

 Kevin Devine, has been keeping busy by dusting off deep cuts from his early days as a recording artist and re-releasing them under the album title “Matter of Time II”, a worthy endeavor and perfectly good excuse for not releasing any new album-length material since 2016’s “Instigator“. That all changed back in January when Devine announced the album “Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong“, which will arrive on March 25th. Having previously shared the single “Albatross,” today we’re hearing a second new track from the album in the form of a live “Neighborhoods” performance in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery—the track, aptly, is titled “If I’m Gonna Die Here.”

“Green-Wood Cemetery has sprawled magnificent and ruminative and historical and expansive and indifferent within two miles of various addresses I’ve held for 32 of my 42 years alive,” Devine shares of the site’s significance for him. “I’ve spent more time wandering around there (mostly with two of my oldest friends, and with my daughter) in the pandemic than I had in all that time prior, by a wide margin, and it’s been miraculous and restorative.

He continues, “it was the first—sorta the only—place I thought of, and “If I’m Gonna Die Here” was the obvious and intuitive song choice. I didn’t want to be disrespectful to the grounds, to the occupants, to the visitors, so I wanted to do something short, to minimize the potentiality of disruption. And the content of the song, written in December 2020, made performing it unavoidable. 

“How Can I Help You?” is the second single off of Kevin Devine’s upcoming tenth record, ‘Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong,’ out 25th March on Triple Crown Records.

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