NILÜFER YANYA – ” Painless “

Posted: February 17, 2022 in MUSIC
Nilüfer Yanya - Photo: Molly Daniel

Nilüfer Yanya’s new album, “Painless”, is shaping up to be pretty great given the quality of singles she’s been sharing ahead of its release. “anotherlife” is a lush, ethereal slow jam that keeps that anticipation up. We don’t have much longer to wait to hear the whole thing, thankfully “Painless” is out March 1st via ATO.

“anotherlife” is an ethereal, midtempo track with layered synths, guitar, and weaving vocal melodies. Nilüfer shares about the meaning, “At the core of the song it’s just about being OK with things and accepting that this is where you are at. However, the ‘I’ll do anything’ line hints at a desperation of wanting to let that be known.” Directed by Nilüfer’s sister, Molly Daniel, visuals for “anotherlife” find Nilüfer on holiday in Sri Lanka wearing beautiful garments in a prismatic and lush location in the sun and moonlight.

Painless” due out March 4th, 2022 via ATO Records.

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