HORSEGIRL – ” Ballroom Dance Scene et cetera (best of Horsegirl) “

Posted: January 20, 2022 in MUSIC

Horsegirl might be on pretty much every 2022 tips list going, but don’t mistake that for them being all hype and no substance. A trio of teenagers hailing from Chicago, the band burst onto the scene last year when Sonic Cathedral released their debut 7″ Ballroom Dance Scene. The band subsequently penned a deal with Matador Records, who announced their first-ever tour and have promised a lot more to come this year, despite the fact they’re fitting that all around University and finishing High School respectively.

The band’s most recent offering, Billy, is a fine introduction to their, “nu-gaze” sound, even if it was more inspired by Nick Drake’s alternative tunings than anything more traditionally shoegaze. The guitars explode out of the speakers with the intensity of Wednesday, before the echo-drenched vocals add a harmonious wave of melody, rattling around your skull, the cryptic lyricism painting a picture of your minds own making.

Equally exciting was the track that first caught the world’s ear, “Ballroom Dance Scene“, it showcases quite a different side of the band, entering on a reverberating waltz of guitars, it is gradually overlaid by layers of vocals, marching drums and distant unnerving keys, the whole thing expanding like an inflating balloon until it bursts with a raw intensity in contrast to the lyrics that go from the mundane, “If you want to stay a while, just hang your coat and turn the TV on”, through to the subtly horrendous, “Susie sits in woollen socks and licks her bruise like it’s a lollipop“. For Horsegirl it’s very much a case of do believe the hype, this very special band deserve every excited word my fellow music writers have to say about them.

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