BEACH HOUSE – ” Once Twice Melody “

Posted: January 20, 2022 in MUSIC

Beach House release their eighth album, “Once Twice Melody”, on the 18th February 2022 through Bella Union Records.

It will be the first album produced entirely by Beach House, and was recorded at Pachyderm studio in Cannon Falls, MN, United Studio in Los Angeles, CA, and Apple Orchard Studios in Baltimore, MD. For the first time, a live string ensemble was used, with arrangements by David Campbell. “Once Twice Melody” was mostly mixed by Alan Moulder with a few tracks were also mixed by Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann.

Beach House have, for most of the 15 years since they released their debut album in 2006, existed in a space that’s goth-friendly but not exactly goth. “Masquerade” is the final push over the edge that they needed, its pulsing synthesizers reminiscent of Depeche Mode at their peak and ethereal wash of melody a merger between The Cure and Cocteau Twins—all comparisons I don’t make lightly (I hosted a goth night for two years, I take this stuff seriously…sorta). What’s remarkable is how comfortably dressing up in leather and PVC feels in the context of the band’s work as a whole, Victoria Legrand’s apparitional vocals applicable to pulsing dancefloor fodder just as naturally as they are to wispy slowcore.

Earlier this month, Beach House’s “Space Song,” from their 2015 release “Depression Cherry” wascertified platinum by the RIAA.
What people are saying about “Once Twice Melody”:
Chapter One captured that storybook quality with sweeping ballads fit for a baroque fairytale, each guided by Victoria Legrand’s typically enchanting vocals.” – The AV Club

“…Their most cinematic record yet. Working with a live string ensemble for the first time, they summon a sound more surrealistic than anything on 2018’s 7, bringing to mind 1960s psychedelia, Stereolab, and Broadcast’s ‘Come On Let’s Go’.” – Pitchfork
Beach House’s music contains many gifts, but it’s the group’s ability to magnify life’s small dramas into sky-sized emotions that glitters (“Superstar”).” – New York Times
“All of them are amazing. All of them have their proponents. But “Superstar,” while perhaps not the most novel of the bunch, is the one that gave me the spine-chilling sensation of listening to a bona fide Beach House classic for the first time.” (“Song of the Week”) – Stereogum

“Things begin with the stunning title track that mixes low-fi electronics with baroque touches and a stirring string section. You can hear echoes of Broadcast, Stereolab and Spacemen 3 (whose Sonic Boom produced their last album, 7). The hand-drawn animated lyric video, directed by Annapurna Kumar, is great too. From there, it’s the pulsing, kaleidoscopic ‘Superstar’ (video by Nicholas Law), the neon dread of ‘Pink Funeral’ (full of strings right out of a horror film and a video by Scott Kiernan), and the melting arpeggiations of ‘Through Me’ (with a video by San Charoenchai). The visuals for all four songs are fantastic, very different, but majorly psychedelic.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“‘Over and Over’ shimmers, shines and ultimately uplifts for more than seven minutes. Throughout the mesmerizing track, vocalist Victoria Legrand beguiles alongside enveloping synths.” – Cool Hunting
Beach House has perfected the “escapist” song, which knocks you into dizziness and elation, heightened by those rotating, shimmering synths… it may also have the power to temporarily cure you of seasonal depression. ‘Over and Over,” from the Baltimore’s pair’s new album, Once Twice Melody, is made for those few minutes between sunset and night — when purplish light extinguishes and noses turn red from the cold.” – NPR Music

“GOLD” Edition 2xLP Box / “SILVER” Edition 2xLP

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