CORY HANSON – ” Live At Zebulon “

Posted: January 1, 2022 in MUSIC
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Wand frontman Cory Hanson is back with his sophomore album “Pale Horse Rider.” Hanson’s new album is a reflection on his time spent at home in Southern California and his observation of the desolation of the Mojave desert surrounding him throughout the recording process. “Pale Horse Rider’s” release was accompanied by Hanson’s newest endeavour, a web series. His series, titled Limited Hangout, included performances with Hanson in red face paint and a yellow suit mouthing the lyrics to his newest release and then switching to sketches of absurd segments like puppet shows and fake commercials. “Pale Horse Rider” sees Hanson finding a much more country/folk sound than his previous psych infuzed release. The Album opener “Paper Fog” sounds as much like a cowboy ballad as it can while also tiptoeing the line between fantasy and terror. My favourite track on this album is the namesake “Pale Horse Rider” inspired by a tarot card and beautiful ode to a lone ranger-esque hero who in reality isn’t as trustworthy as he appears.


Wonder [Wand, Laughing Matter] – 0:21 Blue Cloud [Wand, Plum] – 5:25 The Trap (just the intro) [Wand, Plum] – 8:50 Ordinary People [Cory Hanson, The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo] – 9:58 Cosmic Dancer (cover) [T. Rex, Electric Warrior] – 13:00 Morning Rainbow [Wand, 1000 Days] – 18:47 Rio Grande [Wand, Laughing Matter] – 22:10 Candy Says (cover) [The Velvet Underground, S/T] – 26:02 Growing Up Boys [Wand, Ganglion Reef] – 30:13

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